na wschód

Foundation OKNO NA WSCHÓD – is a young and dynamic non-governmental organization based in Bialystok, in northeastern Poland.

The Foundation was founded in 2008 in order to “create a window” on the eastern border of the United Europe, to the border also became a stone wall that separates the people living on either side.

The organization implements a wide range of actions, including:

1) It supports the development of culture and education, as well as the preservation of the national heritage of the Poles living in Eastern Europe, especially in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania;

2) It provides work of the Centre to support students from East and supports students of Bialystok universities from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus in dealing with current issues of adaptation, learning the Polish language and historical-cultural education;
3) It supports Polonia and Poles living outside the country, in matters of education, national heritage, culture, rights, civil revitalization and health. Provides language support for students from Belarus. And the organization for their study visits, organizes internships for Polonia students, partnering contacts and cooperation with Polonia organizations abroad;
4) It supports economic contacts, as well as scientific and cultural between the Republic of Poland, the countries of the European Union and Eastern countries. The organization of study visits for students from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Moldova. Its purpose is to exchange experience in the sphere of democratic and free-market changes. Also its purpose is the creation of a legal state, strengthening of local communities and civil initiatives, the organization of international student exchanges, organizing and activating the integration of youth camps);
5) It organizes a cross-border program for the development of local democracy civic participation, development of local communities abroad. It calls  organization of training, consultation and study visits for representatives of government;
6) It supports the revitalization of elder people through the fight against digital exclusion

7)  It cooperate with local authorities, non-governmental and student organizations from Poland and Europe.

The Fund Window to the East is  supporting groups at risk of social exclusion, and the activation of the unemployed. It makes for realizing the objectives relating to social and economic development of the region

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