The Foundation carries out first on the market free e-learning platform www.polskijazyk.pl

The WINDOW TO THE EAST holds the first free e-learning platform on the market www.polskijazyk.pl. The platform allows people of Russian and Ukrainian speaking to learn Polish at levels from A1 to B1. Monthly platform is used by several thousand people from Eastern Europe.

The platform www.polskijazyk.pl offers free Polish language learning in real time from level A1 to level B1. This platform takes into account the requirements for the Certification Examination for foreigners in Polish . Many modern and friendly methods have been used to improve the effectiveness of training. Also functions that make it easy to learn and quickly consolidate the acquired knowledge are used.

In addition to studying the Polish language, the participant will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the history and culture of modern Poland. Also you can learn the identity of the most famous Poles.

www.polskijazyk.pl is the first such type of tool that allows you to learn Polish online for free using the latest techniques and methods of remote language learning.

The platform was created as an effect of the project “Learn Polish, find out about Poland”. The aim of the project is to promote the study of the Polish language. The mission of the platform is to promote Poland and the Polish language as an attractive, promising, easy-to-learn language and the largest Slavic language in the EU.

The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the framework of the competition “Cooperation in Public Diplomacy 2015”.

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