Mayor of Supraśl, Dr. Radosław Dobrowolski

*has a certificate in the field of modern management in public administration, issued by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration and the World Bank

*He graduated  the University in Bialystok and Lublin Catholic University of John Paul II. The Mayor had a Doctor of Humanities degree

*Since 2010,  the Mayor of Supraśl

*In 2002-2010, he held the position of advisor

*active public figure

*In 2000, the founder of very  famous by its wide activity Collegium Suprasliense

*Author of several books on SupraslThe initiator of many advertising, artistic, cultural, scientific and charitable projects

*He worked in the Podlaska Opera and Philharmonic, as well as the Park  Knyshinskoy

*Coming from a family related to Supraśl family generations

Supraśl is the only city of the Podlasie region  hidden inside Knyszyn Forest and which  have its traditions during over 500 years.

Currently there are about 4,5 thousand inhabitants of the city. Suprasl is increasingly developing in the direction of tourism and recreation. There are such cultural institutions as the Museum of Icons and the theater Virsalin. Also in Suprasle there are educational institutions: Art Lyceum named after. Arthur Grottger, the Training Center and the Society of Sports Schools. On the territory of the city there are numerous associations, the most famous of which are Urochysko, the Society of Friends of Suprasl and Collegium Suprasliense.

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