Pop School of the name of Anna Herman was found in 1993 by jazz vocalist, teacher, composer and songwriter Helena Meshkunets.
She created her own author program of studying which has a profile as a musical. So, in addition to opera and pop singing and musical subjects such as instrument, ear training, theory and history of music. There were introduced dance and theater classes.


In 1993, a Master Helena Meshkunets opened the school.

She is a musician, teacher, composer of songs, jazz vocalist. She is author of more than 600 songs, including about 200 for children of pre-school and school age.

Helena Meshkunets is a composer and songwriter for the musicals “Smoke I”, “Smoke II”,  “Chance I”, “Chance II”, “He and She”. She is also the organizer and artistic director of the National Festivals “Youth in the song” (15 editions), “Sing Jazz Bluess” (13 editions), “Młodzi w kolędzie i pastorałce” (15 editions).
She is the Organizer of 20 editions of art camps  and workshops for children and youth. Also she is the organizer of  the Head of the House of Creativity “Villa Hellena” in Czarna Wieś Kościelna.

  • In 2002, inscribed in the encyclopedia “Who is Who”
  • Honorary award-owner of culture activist
  • The winner of many festivals throughout the country in the category jazz vocal, including the International Jazz Vocalists’  Meetings in Zamość
  • There were created 2 documentaries about her
  • She has participated in many concerts on national television
  • Organizer of sets of concerts for young singers, such as Vektor Muz, Vocal of the Year in Bialystok and others  
  • Since 2002 she  is a founder and  mentor of children  group “Sun in the  hat”, which operates to this day


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